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My full name is Msafiri Ismail Rusumo, my mission is to publish all the Tanzanian music from the 1960s to present. Dance, zilipendwa, taarab, bongo fleva, muduara,mchiriku and kibati will all be published. I upload new and old songs on a daily basis. if you can't find what you are looking for today you will definitely find it tomorrow or a little bit later.
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As you can see this page contains a bunch of songs of different kinds. Scrolling down searching for a certain song may be boring and a wastage of time. To search for particular song that you want to listen to just go to the search fields on the header of this page.

Choose the type of the song from the drop down box, type the name of the artist or the name of the song on the the text field. Note: You don't have to type the name of the song or artist completely, you can just type a few characters of that name. For example if you are searching for song named "Money money" by 20 Percent simply type one of the these words "money","mone","20","20 percent" or percent" then click search. You may get a number of songs containing these words, choose the one you want and click it to be played.

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